Holga Creations

Toy cameras are fun! They are free of polished metals, and multicoated lenses. Taking a photograph with a toy camera allows the freedom to compose the photo and without the worry of technology. With limited controls on these simple devices, you must count on the good lighting to cover the limitations of the camera.

There seems to be a resurgence of the use of these simple cameras. There are many web sites with galleries, photo stories, and information on getting the most from your toy camera. After seeing a story on Discovery.com about toy cameras I went in search of my toy camera. The Holga, a plastic camera import from China is currently one of the most poplar toy cameras. At the retail price of between $14-$20 the Holga is a real bargain.

Photographers who have discovered the joy of using these toy cameras have a genuine desire to exhibit and share their photographic creations. I feel the same need, so he are some of my "Holga Creations".

Dave Pierson