The JamCam is simple,inexpensive,tough, and is also a fun digital camera.The camera was made by KBGear and was sold through both toy and computer stores. The retail cost was $89, but the cameras are sold for about $40. There were three models of the JamCam.

        • JamCam V1 - 320 x 240 pixel image capture
        • JamCam V2 - 640 x 480 pixel image capture
        • JamCam V3 - same as V2 but with a slot for flash memory and electronic flash.

I have the JamCam V3 and enjoy the simple, easy handling.The camera has no moving parts and is powered by an inexpensive 9 volt battery. I consider it a digital version of my other toy camera, the Holga. Both are toy cameras with unique image capture properties. One of the characteristic features or flaws of the JamCam is that it produces a lot of digital noise and scan lines when shooting in low light conditions. Sometimes the images need a little help to improve my desired results and I use Photoshop to make the most out the these digital gems.

NOTE: KBGear appears to have gone out of business and there is no support for these camera. They do work with Windows 95 and 98. I have heard that that it will work with Windows XP, but it seems to be a little tricky to set up. Go to the Unofficial JamCam Support Site for more information. They do work with 8.6, 9 and Mac OS X, but in the classic mode. JamX is a site that has JamCam software for OS X. For more information, comments, and drivers check out the these links:

To see the simple beauty of theJamCam V2 digital camera move your cursor over these photos.


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